Application Guide

The following guidance will help you quickly complete the application form for the GDP on The Scottish Government’s Vacancies Online System via the Work for Scotland website. Once you have read this, please click here to apply 

Step 1: Guidance Note / Personal Details

Please complete this page with your details

Step 2: Disability Statement

Please read and complete as appropriate

Step 3: Selection Criteria Education, Technical and Professional Qualifications

Please complete with the degree you are studying for or have already completed. No other qualifications need be included.

Step 4: Employment History

Please select no for the first question. No further information is required.

Step 5: Selection Criteria Essential Criteria and Competencies

Please enter a X in each box in this section.

The system asks for an answer in each box before allowing you to progress, but your response won’t affect your application. 

Step 6: Political Activity

All appointees to the Civil Service must be able to fully comply with the requirements of the Civil Service Code and are expected to carry out their role with dedication and a commitment to the Civil Service and its core values: which are Honesty, Integrity, Objectivity and Impartiality. As part of this, some restrictions are placed on political activity. You will see that there is a question regarding such activity on the application form. A positive response to this question should not affect the consideration of your application, but is likely to mean that you will be asked additional questions at interview. What you then say at interview will clarify if you meet the requirements of the Civil Service Code.

The Civil Service Code states that:

You must:

  • Serve the government, whatever its political persuasion, to the best of your ability in a way which maintains political impartiality and is in line with the requirements of this code, no matter what your own political beliefs are
  • Act in a way which deserves and retains the confidence of ministers, while at the same time ensuring that you will be able to establish the same relationship with those whom you may be required to serve in some future government
  • Comply with any restrictions that have been laid down on your political activities

You must not:

  • Act in a way that is determined by party political considerations, or use official resources for party political purposes
  • Allow your personal political views to determine any advice you give or your actions.

Step 7: Data Protection

Please read and complete this section. Also please refer to our privacy notice

Step 8: Diversity Monitoring

Please read and complete this section as appropriate.

Step 9: Disability

Please read and complete this section as appropriate

Step 10: Review of Online Application Form

Please review your application form and once satisfied please click send application at the bottom of the page.