About Us

The Scottish Government’s work impacts on every aspect of society and our organisation is built on a culture where people genuinely matter. We cover areas like health, education, the economy, social security, national investment bank, culture, rural affairs and transport. This puts us at the heart of Scotland’s public services and institutions, with an annual budget of over £30 billion.

We employ nearly 8,000 people, at 79 locations across Scotland. Most of our people are civil servants who are accountable to Scottish Ministers, who in turn are accountable to the Scottish Parliament. 

The world is changing rapidly. And the pace of change is only going to get faster. As a result, we need a Civil Service that is capable of meeting these ever changing needs. One that truly reflects the people it serves and provides opportunities for everyone to fulfil their potential, regardless of their background. To do this we are investing in developing leaders who can lead our skilled people, in our great work places, to deliver improved outcomes for Scotland. 

What we do

As civil servants our job is to put the Scottish Government’s purpose into action; to create a more successful country with opportunities for all to flourish through increasing wellbeing, and sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Our focus is set out in Scotland’s National Performance Framework, which incorporates the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

We support our National Performance Framework by delivering on an annual programme set by Scottish Ministers, called the Programme for Government. The 2018-19 Programme for Government focuses on:

  • Building an economy that works for everyone
  • Creating a healthy and active nation
  • Ensuring every child has an equal chance to succeed
  • Supporting communities to thrive
  • Developing a creative, open and connected nation

How we work

We support the Ministers who lead Scotland, and we aim to lead by example in the way we work. This includes:

  • Supporting our people to be at their best – Our staff are our most important resource, and we are committed to supporting them to fulfil their potential.
  • Collaborating with others – By working with the individuals and communities we serve, we can achieve more than we could alone.
  • Aiming high and continually improving – Being ambitious for Scotland and ensuring we are making a real difference by measuring our progress.
  • Understanding the power of diversity and inclusion – Allows us to positively challenge ourselves and develop new and innovative solutions.
  • A great place to work – Creating a truly inclusive environment, in modern workplaces, with the technology to get the job done. 

Our values

As civil servants, we serve the government of the day in line with the civil service code, which explains our core values:

  • Integrity putting the obligations of public service above personal interests.
  • Honesty being truthful and open.
  • Objectivity basing advice and decisions on rigorous analysis of the evidence.
  • Impartiality acting solely according to the merits of the case and serving governments of different political parties equally well.

Scottish Parliament

We’re separate from parliament. The Scottish Parliament is made up of all elected members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) and is the law making body for devolved matters. It considers any proposed legislation and scrutinises the activities and policies of the Scottish Government through debates, parliamentary questions and the work of committees.

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